"We support globally minded founders who dive into the unknown and make history by being the pioneers of change"
About Us
Our Purpose and Vision
Vespucci Partners aims to find and support those Central European startup teams that have a truly disruptive product and are capable of achieving success in the global market. We believe that this market can produce unicorns as well, and we want to be the investors who help grow these potential startups get closer to that stage. We think that success depends on a lot of other aspects next to financial support. So we give our startups more than just money, we provide smart capital with portfolio management experts from all areas, guidance and contacts for a successful international expansion.
41 M EUR
Deal size per startup
600k - 4.5 M EUR
Target stage
Seed - Series A
Target number of investments
Investment Strategy
What we offer

Fast due diligence and investment process

We know that for a startup time is key. For that reason, our entire investment process takes maximum 3 months from the first contact with the team. We believe that if a startup is suitable for us to invest, we should finance them as quickly as possible and have them start working with the capital.

Active portfolio management

Trusted experts and partners in all areas where a startup might need help (business development, marketing, sales, international expansion, HR, finance, etc.)

Next round fundraising help

We foster and build relationships with international venture capital firms who potentially can be the next investors of our portfolio companies.
Investment Strategy
What we are looking for
  • Strong and agile teams with a vision and capability of executing it
  • Products / services that are scalable and truly disruptive
  • Startups with an international growth potential that plan to grow globally
  • Companies with a potential to exit with a 10x return, within about 7 years
  • Products that provide a solution to a real need

Registration in the dataroom

Investment Process
Application for financing by registering into our data room.
Questionnaire + One Pager + Lean Canvas
The teams fill out a questionnaire, upload their one pager and lean canvas. The startups will be evaluated based on these by our analysts.
Personal Meeting: Pitch
Two analysts meet with the startup teams in person. They listen to their pitch and then ask questions to have a better understanding of the project. At this point, they mainly focus os assessing the abilities of the team and getting answers to the arising questions.
Uploading documents into the data room
The startups upload all of the required documents, so that we can run a deeper analysis and decide whether we find their business plan to be sound and viable. For the list of required documents click on "More Information".
Q&A interview with the experts
The startups pitch again and the screening team with experts from different areas will ask questions based on the materials requested.
Screening for the GO - NO GO decision
Under the guidance of the Investment Manager, the experts perform the respective analytical tasks for the project (eg. market, competitors, team, etc.) and decide whether it is worth presenting the project to the Investment Committee. If so, they put together a proposal about the startup and the investment opportunity.
GO - NO GO proposal and decision
The Investment Manager presents the startup and the investment opportunity to the Investment Committee. The Committee will make a decision about whether they consider the project worth investing in and thus starting the Term Sheet negotiations and Due Diligence process.
Term sheet negotiations
Negotiating the investment terms and coming to a final agreement.
Due Diligence and deep screening
Legal, technology, tax and accounting due diligence of the startup. In addition, a deep screening of the risk points of the project identified during the screening process up until this point.
Writing the investment and syndicate contract
If the due diligence process has a positive result then the lawyers will write an investment and syndicate contract based on the signed term sheet. This document will provide a guideline for the operation of the startup once the investment is made.
Investment Committee's decision about the disbursement
The Investment Manager presents the startup to the Investment Committee once again, but in this round including all the Due Diligence results and the negotiated investment terms. The Committee will decide whether to invest in the startup and disburse the money to them.
Contract Signing and Disbursement
Signing the Investment Agreement and disbursing the money to the startup.
Stickl László
Sohajda Júlia
Szarvas Attila
Macher Péter
Darai Zoltán
Zsigmond Levente
Koltai Kristóf
Advisory Board
Szántó Károly
Molnár István András
Laszlo Horvath

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